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Welcome to the Mithica RPG sourcebook.
This resource exists for three reasons - to help the campaign setting's players understand the world and rules, to help new players interested in starting a Mithica campaign, and to help me get all the details written down in one place.

Pardon the disarray! As the project is converted over from the D20 rules things are going to be a little bit crazy.

Mithica has been my campaign setting for seven years, and it's grown from a small, and admittedly poor collection of cities and characters to a very large world with numerous nations, hundreds of cities, and an uncountable number of inhabitants. As such, it's beginning to become too much to keep just on paper and in my head; indeed, it threatens to spill off the pages of my spiral notebook as we speak. And so, to prevent certain catastrophe, it all makes its way here.

This is a work-in-progress! Seriously, not everything you need is here yet.

Latest News
June 12, 2015 - Put online again after two years away. Moved back to Still isn't done.
January 31, 2008 - New layout, cleaned up menu & added proper navigation. Added shoutbox! Went quietly mad.
November 6, 2007 - Added the Chronology, Timekeeping, Myths & Legends, and Organizations pages.

(Old News)

Table of Contents
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I direct you to the following categories:

Player Data
In addition to the campaign world information, this wiki also hosts some resources for ongoing games including character sheets.

Play Options

There are presently two online games underway. Both currently reside on Luminar (external link), a beta service for gamers.

  • (Web Client (external link))
    • Game A & C: #orangesoda

If you desire more information or wish to inquire about joining, please register and wiki-PM Kerin.

Other Resources

Wiki Information

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